Art Gallery Marketing Tips

Art Gallery Marketing Tips


Here are the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and sales for your business as your area’s premier art destination. Whether you’re working on a small project or a huge  political campaign, you’ll be ready to tackle any size task! Democrat & Chronicle has some valuable tips as well.

1. Establish your image
Your Website, brochures, business cards and invitations should all reflect your company’s identity.

2. Stay in touch
It’s crucial to always stay connected with (past, present and future) customers. Social media is a powerful, low-cost way to do just that. Creating Facebook and twitter pages will help keep your customers within reach

3. Partner up
Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own. Getting to know like-minded companies in your area (ones that work with similar customers but don’t compete directly with you) can be a good way of networking.

4. give back
Organize with local charities and nonprofit organizations that are meaningful to you, then put on events and give back.

5. Showcase your gallery during the day…
Daytime events are a great way to create professional connections.

6. Dont forget the nighttime
There is no better way for a gallery to promote its artists than with evening events, which (if done well) can generate excitement, nurture connections and, of course, increase sales!

7. Take it outside
One of the best ways to reach new customers is to display art in places besides a gallery.

9. Tell the media
As you plan your marketing events, be sure to let the media know what you’re doing, especially if it involves charities. Press releases and personal phone calls are the best ways to connect with people who write stories about art, design and community happenings.

10. Never stop growing
No matter how long you’ve been in the art business, treat every day as an opportunity to learn more, expand your contact list and think creatively.


Check out this Video for extra tips!

So start Dreaming Big and one day you can move into a Custom built home!


Four Tips For Hiring Commercial Contractors For Your Commercial Renovation Projects when you’re ready to open your own Art Gallery


1. Find Reputable Candidates


2.Check Credentials Carefully


3. General Commercial Contracting Interviews


4. Don’t be fooled by the lowest price

 By following these simple tips, you can have a successful, stress-free remodeling project for your art gallery!


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